Anchored Down in Anchorage

abandoned copper mines Kennicot
Bar and lodge at McCarthy
With the indulgence of the Gumbo Gurus, I hope you might enjoy my podcasted account of a summer in Alaska:
Bears in that there jungle
Caribou at Wonder Lake
I was organizing camping tours around what is known as the’' ‘paved loop’ and this gives some insights into putting a trip together on the ground. Times have doubtless changed since I was there, but the largest state in the Union still proves a strong draw for lovers of the wild and wonderful, whether from a cruise ship or the open flap of a tent !
For those of you who prefer to read, the  link to the written version with photos, here is this link.
Some photos of this adventure follow.  For photo legends, scroll to and hold your mouse over the image: 
cable car over Kennicot river
Chitina Post Office
Dan at remote US outpost
Dan at the glacier
distant view of Denali
Fireweedin the ditch - our rescue
Millers Landing, Seward Pen.
OMG icefield !
shades of into the wild
Shuttle bus type


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