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An era ends: Jet Blue's new fares and fees

JetBlue check-in kiosks at JFK. Save $5 by checking bag here instead of counter   Photo: JetBlue


With JetBlue's announcement today that it is ending free checked bags, Southwest is the only remaining major carrier offering free checked bags. The change today puts into effect a plan announced several months ago.


The bag fees are accompanied by a streamlining of JetBlue's fare structure as well. The new bag fees are $20 for the first bag and $35 for a second; previously it was $0 and $50, so a two-bag traveler will actually pay only $5 more. But how many two-checked-bag travelers do you know? 


The fare structure comes with three flavors of main cabin, and the airline's premium offering, which it chooses to call neither business nor first-class, but just "Mint." The three main cabin fares break out this way:

  • Blue is the cheapest, and includes no baggage allowance, but you can save $5 by checking the bag online or at a kiosk. Change fees are $70-135, depending on the fare. Same-day standby is $50.
  • Blue Plus adds a checked bag and drops the change fees to $60-120, with standby $50. These fares will be about $15 more than Blue, so if you plan to check one bag, you can actually save by going Blue Plus.
  • Blue Flex adds a second free bag, will cost about $100 more than the basic—but itinerary changes and same-day standby are free.

The Mint service won't be available on all routes; it's mainly offered on routes that have lots of business and wealthy travelers, and lets JetBlue boost its revenue by selling the expensive seats. 


Full details on the baggage charges, which do not apply to tickets purchased before June 30, are HERE.

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