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Americans still skipping vacation time


More than a third of Americans haven't taken a vacation in over two years, and more than half haven't gone away in over a year, according to a survey and report compiled by Allianz Global Assistance.

The study includes a 'Vacation Confidence Index' that reveals that 42%, the lowest figure in the eleven years the survey has been taken, were confident of taking a summer vacation this year. Nearly half cited lack of funds as the reason, while another 19% said they had the money but would spend it on something else.

The study defines a vacation as a trip of at least a week at least 100 miles from home.

For the first time, the study asked people to estimate how their vacation time use compared to their bosses'; more than half said they believed they were taking as much as their bosses. Others indicated that they felt their employers would be unhappy if they used their full vacation time. The average American, according to the survey, takes less than half of their vacation days.

Image: Sebastian Wallroth/Wikimedia

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