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Amarillo Botanical Gardens


As most of us are facing autumn and winter, I thought I would share a garden I visited during the summertime.

On just over 4 acres, the Amarillo Botanical Gardens packs a lot of beautiful flowers, design gardens, and sculptures.

DSC_0764 (2)

It stems from a group of women who formed a garden club in 1929. They wanted to prove gardening was possible in the challenging high plains of Texas.

They sought plants to survive drought, windy conditions, and extensive sun. Their challenges didn't stop them from succeeding.

DSC_0763 (2)

This determination and dedication inspired these beautiful, colorful, easy-to-explore gardens. It was dedicated in 1968.

DSC_0783 (2)

I decided to explore on my own. Guests can choose to explore on their own, or they can join a guided tour for a nominal additional fee.

The garden is an excellent respite if you visit Amarillo or travel along I-40 to somewhere else.

DSC_0776 (2)

As the saying goes: "Stop and smell the roses."


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