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Almabtrieb, Wiesing, Austra


Austria is known for the cow procession festival called “Almabtrieb."My wife and I, along with another couple, were driving on a road over the Alps and came to a roadblockat the village of Wiesingin the Austrian Province of Tyrol.

Almbetrieb Festival

Almbetrieb in Wiesing AustriaWe didn’t know about the festival but were told about it by the local police at the barricade, so we pulled over, grabbed our cameras and joined the festivities.

During the summer the cows are herded up to the lush pastures at the mountain heights, then as cooler weather approachesin the fall, the cows are decorated and paraded through the villages back down to the valley pastures.

The locals then party on after the procession has passed.

Cows in Wiesing Austria


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