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Allegiant dips a toe into the NY market


Allegiant, a fast-growing ultra-low-cost carrier that focuses on leisure travelers, is starting its first New York area flights, with two daily round trips based at Newark Liberty. It's also adding two other airports, Denver and Ogdensburg NY to its network.

The Newark flights are possible because the FAA has eased some slot restrictions at the airport, making room for newer airlines. Like LaGuardia, it has tightly-controlled spaces and it has been difficult for new airlines to get in. 

Allegiant's strategy has been to target vacation destinations with its flights, flying pairs between pools of potential passengers and leisure destinations. It sees Newark/NYC as one of those, and is pairing it with Cincinnati and Asheville NC four times a week and with Knoxville and Savannah three time.

For now, Allegiant is offering $39 one-way fares on the Cincinnati and Savannah routes, and $41 for Asheville and Knoxville. Of course, bags are extra, and so is an $8 fee for using a credit card (waived for debit cards).

The Denver flight will run twice a week to Montrose, near the Telluride ski resorts. Ogdensburg is part of a different strategy; it's near the Canadian border and is one of several border spots where Allegiant hopes to attract Canadians to cross the border for flights to Florida at fares much lower than starting at home.

Photo: Eric Salard / Wikimedia

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