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Alitalia: No money, but new uniforms


Bankrupt Italian carrier, waiting to see who will buy it or dismantle it within months, has ordered new uniforms for its cabin staff, the second time in two years it's done so.

Alitalia, cut loose by its major owner, Etihad, and unable to find new financing or an arrangement with its staff, has been bankrupt and under control of an adminsitrative board that is tasked with selling it or shutting it down. 

The last time the uniform-change announcement was made was May 2016, with hopes that a new look would be part of a big turnaround, but the company continued to fail. Now the company says it's responding to "numerous requests" from staff for more  comfort.

The board, which hired the Alberta Ferretti fashion house for the design task, says "the cooperation with the fashion house for the design and creation of the new Alitalia uniform does not involve any financial disbursement by Alitalia." However, while it may be that there's no fee being charged for design work, free uniforms are not likely in the end.

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I'd suggest that, designer duds aside, Alitalia has arrived at this point in the company history because someone, or someones, has their head you know where.  I was on an Alitalia flight this past Thursday and for those hours I was unable to put my knees together, so stingy was the leg room (aka "pitch") for my steerage-class seat.  I had to place my feet on either side of the seat-back pocket and there they stayed.  I'm a mere 5'6" in height and I felt for the tall guy next to me who was certainly in continuous pain.  The 3 subsequent American Airlines flights felt like sheer luxury in comparison, almost confusing so generous did I find all that space.  I suggest Alitalia give a great deal of thought to the things passengers care about, like comfort for the paying public rather then those being paid to be on the flight.

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