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Alaska: Cruising the Inside Passage


We recently enjoyed an Alaska adventure, including a sea voyage through the Inside Passage, followed by a land tour (I'm saving that for my next blog!)

119 2022-09-17_Alaska Ketchikan Sea Kayaking 042120 2022-09-17_Alaska Ketchikan Sea Kayaking 089Sea kayaking near Ketchikan

The cruise part was on the Norwegian Cruise Line ship Jewel. As a smaller boat, it can navigate the Inside Passage, the narrow waterway between islands and the mainland of Alaska and British Columbia.

117 2022-09-16_Alaska Skagway 70Railroad snow blower at Skagway to keep the rail line open in winter

It was a great opportunity to see all of the wildlife in the ocean, do sea kayaking, take a flight on a sea plane over the glaciers, visit the mining towns, and relax on the boat.

114 2022-09-16_Alaska Skagway 37116 2022-09-16_Alaska Skagway 65115 2022-09-16_Alaska Skagway 56Skagway is known for its colorful businesses and its very colorful past

The itinerary used specific tour guides and companies at locations along the way; if you take a cruise like this, you may meet some of the same suppliers. I hope you enjoy these pictures of the activities and sights!

101 2022-09-14_Alaska IcyStraight Point 07102 2022-09-14_Alaska IcyStraight Point 11Ziplining over it all at Straight Point (above) and whale-watching (below)

103 2022-09-14_Alaska IcyStraight Point Whale Watching 16Because of its small size, our ship was able to get up close to the amazing Dawes Glacier, and into the rainbowed Endicott Arm

106 2022-09-15_Alaska Dawes Glacier 31107 2022-09-15_Alaska Dawes Glacier 39108 2022-09-15_Alaska Endicott Arm 02109 2022-09-15_Alaska Juneau City 07Indigenous art on offer at a store in Juneau, the state capital

110 2022-09-15_Alaska Juneau Wings Airways Flight 009Our seaplane flight took off from Juneau Harbor

112 2022-09-15_Alaska Juneau Wings Airways Flight 047113 2022-09-15_Alaska Juneau Wings Airways Flight 083118 2022-09-17_Alaska Ketchikan Sea Kayaking 021


Images (17)
  • Alaska IcyStraight Point ziplining
  • Alaska IcyStraight Point village
  • Alaska IcyStraight Point Whale Watching
  • Alaska Dawes Glacier with nearly empty ship decks
  • Alaska Dawes Glacier
  • Alaska Endicott Arm waterway with rainbow
  • Alaska Juneau City with interesting objects for sale
  • Alaska Juneau Wings Airways Flight dock
  • Alaska Juneau Wings Airways Flight glacier view
  • Alaska Juneau Wings Airways Flight various glacier view
  • Alaska Skagway town view with mountain background
  • Alaska Skagway old housing for "negotiable affection"
  • Alaska Skagway stores with some fun Alaska style products for sale
  • Alaska Skagway train with snow plough in the front
  • Alaska Ketchikan Sea Kayaking with bald eagle
  • Alaska Ketchikan Sea Kayaking (2 person kayak)
  • Alaska Ketchikan Sea Kayaking humpback whale in the bay

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