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Airline meals, delivered to your door


With fewer and fewer airline meals being served as airlines are flying fewer passengers on fewer flights and cutting back on amenities as well, one meal vendor is looking at a new market: your dining table.

Air North, which calls itself Yukon's airline, runs cargo and passenger flights throughout Yukon, as well as to western Canada. Flight Kitchen, the vendor for Air North's meals, is working with the airline to provide a home delivery service for residents of Yukon's capital, Whitehorse.

City residents get a wider choice than they would inflight, where choices are more limited. The caterer's repertoire includes chicken cannelloni, Thai vegetable curry, meat lasagna and more, including vegetarian options, with a weekly menu change. Orders are delivered within 24 hours, with a maximum of 20 per order, and no more than 10 of the same option.

And no security line at the airport to keep you from your dinner!

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Residents of the Yukon are very proud of their airline, which will always be their choice when flying (if possible).  I think this likely is a spill-over of their love for the airline.

The entire Yukon has only about 40,000 residents (there are 2 moose for every human).  Most live in Whitehorse, which has the usual assortment of fast food places and a number of decent restaurants and pubs.  In the summer, fresh fish (king salmon and artic char) are my preferred choices when eating in Whitehorse.

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