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Airfare: Expedia takes a look at the numbers


Expedia, together with Airline Reporting Corporation, have taken a dive into airfare pricing data—and come up with a report showing air travel is getting cheaper.

The report looks at data for October 2014 to October 2015, and covers about 8 billion searches on 300,000 route combinations. The conclusion: Economy airfare costs dropped about 8% over the previous year, and the trend holds true for both North America domestic travel and international travel. While individual months were up or down from that, overall the figure held.

The report, available HERE, also took a look at days and months to keep in mind. Among the conclusions: while results vary by route, 57 days out is the sweetest spot, on average for buying North America travel, and that while the best day of the week for buying is too variable, Friday is pretty much the worst no matter the route. Expedia's advice: "If you find a fare that seems like a good deal, buy it."

Expedia's prediction for the coming year: more drops. Ladies and Gentlemen, pack your bags!


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