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Airbus patents a new Monster Airplane



Despite the lagging sales of the world's largest commercial aircraft, the A380, Airbus just filed a patent for a new h-u-g-e aircraft.  It's a double decker plane that has the potential to be configured in a variety of ways.  It has not be given a name yet.


One of the intended improvements of the design is to allow room for more commercial cargo, even with a full load of passengers and their luggage, something the A380 is lacking in.  There's talk of greater fuel efficiency and designing the plane to allow it to access more airports (the size of the A380 limits it to larger hubs).


Will there be a demand for this product, and will it ever be commercially available?  It's simply much too early to tell.  


More on this story from Skift at this link.


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It will be interesting to see if this goes anywhere, and what airlines are telling Airbus about it! As mentioned in a post here earlier this month, Airbus has barely broken even on the A380 program, has sold less than 25% of what they thought they could, and has had no new orders for 2 years.


While there's a big demand for air-freighters (it's what's keeping the 747 in production), I doubt there's a big market for a freighter that also carries 6-800 passengers, since there are few routes that generate passenger numbers like that!

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