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After 60 years, hotel still waits for opening day

Talk about plans gone wrong! A hotel in Sicily that started construction over 60 years ago and was completed over 30 years ago, has still had no guests except the local pigeons. The story is one of those "truth is stranger than fiction" tales.


The Grande Hotel San Calogero, in Sciacca was developed by the Region of Sicily to bring business to nearby thermal baths and other attractions; it's located on a scenic outcrop of Mt. Kronio and overlooks a wide area. For one reason or know how those things took 30 years to finish.


Then there was another ten years of squabbling over what hotel management group would operate it. That was finally settled, and the hotel, now a bit behind the times, was renovated for a grand opening in 1993.


And then it was discovered that the original construction, for some reason, had not included  a proper drainage system for the 300-room hotel. Of course, that meant no guests, even though there was an inauguration ceremony. And, ultimately, a damages payment of 800,000 Euros to the company that had put up money for the right to operate it. 


By 1998, another attempt at opening failed. In 2000 a new operator was found and plans were made to finally complete the sewer connection. However, it eventually turned out that the local council "forgot" to provide funds to complete the work, and the hotel is still waiting. No happy ending yet, but more details from

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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