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A cruise? UK survey says maybe no


While some parts of the cruise industry may be feeling buoyed by reports of bookings for next year up sharply, the longer term outlook may be a bit gloomier than that, according to a new survey.

The Independent (UK) commissioned a survey of 5,000 individuals. Almost two-thirds said they wouldn't—at least for now—consider cruising when it becomes possible again. Even worse news for the industry: Three in ten who have cruised in the past said they woudn't do it again.

The survey gives some support to the theory that the bulge in booking for next year may be largely people rebooking this year's itineraries with credits they've received because of cancellations.

Of course, the news may lighten in the future, and the survey was taken at a time when there are still ships at see seeking ports and disease found on nearly all of them, but for an industry whose mainstay is repeat cruisers who book year after year, a disruption of that pattern could have serious consequences.

A pair of clashing comments from participants may tell the tale. One said "I have no desire to pay good money to ‘holiday’ in a Petri dish,” while another's view was “We had our eye on a new itinerary and if it’s scheduled for next year will definitely book. No more dangerous infection-wise than an airport.”

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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