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5 Scariest Ghost Tours In The World



Some ghost tours will leave you feeling amused and perhaps better informed. Others will leave you with Goosebumps and the best will leave you with chills down your spine.

The type of ghost tour you want to go on will depend on the experience you want to have. But, if you’re ready to be scared, then you need to check out the following 5 ghost tours:

  1. Chateau de Brissac in France

This chateau sits in the Loire Valley and is known as the highest castle in France, with an impressive 7 floors and 204 rooms!

It actually dates from the 11th century and has played host to many royals over the years. Perhaps the most famous ghost here is the illegitimate child of King Charles VII, known as La Dame Verte. Her husband murdered her after he found her having an affair.

Take the tour and you’re almost certain to hear her moaning, you may even see her in a green dress with holes where her nose and eyes should be.

  1. The Rocks in Australia

If you’re in Sydney then you need to check out ghost tours of the Rocks. This is known as the most haunted place in Sydney and possibly Australia. You’ll discover the history of the area and potentially see, or hear some of the ghosts that have experienced gruesome deaths over the years in this surprisingly well-preserved sandstone jungle.

You have to see it to believe it.

  1. Bhangarh Fort in India

The fort was actually a fort city built in the 17th century but it is now a ruin with the fort walls still present and a variety of temples and palaces in various states of repair.

There are a number of ghosts reported to be in the area but perhaps the most famous is a wizard called Singhia who fell in love with a princess called Ratnavati. The story goes that the princess didn’t want this love.

In response, the wizard made an enchanted potion that should make her love him. But, instead of drinking it she threw it away and it became a boulder that crushed the wizard.

Before he died he cursed the fort city, its inhabitants and anyone who tried to rebuild it in the future.

Their souls can be heard and sometimes seen, but you won’t be able to stay overnight. Locals say anyone who has tried is never the same again.


  1. Dragsholm Slot in Denmark

Built-in 1215 this is known to be one of the oldest castles in Denmark and potentially the most haunted castle in Europe!

There are believed to be in excess of 100 ghosts in the castle, all former prisoners in the castle as it was used as a prison for nobles during the 16th and 17th centuries.

You may even see the White Lady wandering the halls.

  1. The Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire in England

This building dates back to 1145 and was built by slaves. It is located on 2 ley lines which are reputed to give it the same spiritual energy as Stonehenge.

However, this site is known to be a place of devil worship, child sacrifice, and witch burnings.

All of these and many more have been seen at the Inn, making it a center for dark energy and potentially the biggest fright of your life.


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