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5 Adventure Sports You Must Try in Hawaii


When we think of Hawaii, beautiful serene beaches and lush, gorgeous natural landscapes come to mind. The state is best known for these attractions, but Hawaii is also perfect for those adventurous souls who want adrenaline-inducing adventures on land as well as in the water. If you are planning for a trip to Hawaii, then make sure to try these activities while you’re there. These are 5 of the best adventures you can have in the state of Hawaii.



Experience the feel of the empty air all around you when you go skydiving in Hawaii. Skydiving, or parachuting is a method of making long jumps from high altitudes from airplanes. It is sure to give you a thrill. Before you attempt the feat for the first time, you will be given training to make sure you know the procedure and then it’s just you and the open air for miles. You can choose to go skydiving on most of the islands, and most tours companies offer tandem jumps for beginners. The average drop height is somewhere around 10,000 ft, with the highest point being above 20,000 ft.


Cave diving off the islands of Oahu and Honolulu provides an amazing, unique experience in which you can explore the water-filled, underwater caves off the coast of the islands. The experience will leave you mesmerized and maybe even make you more curious about underwater life. The caves are magnificent and they are sure to inspire imagination. It is important, though to make sure that you are properly equipped and trained, because it can be dangerous if not executed properly.



Hunting in Hawaii for non-residents requires a license, which costs somewhere around $100. Whether you are an amateur or a skilled and seasoned hunter, the wild lands of Hawaiian Islands will provide a great chance for you to brush up the skills and improve your game, literally. You can hunt species such as the Lanai mouflon sheep, feral pigs and axis deer, among many others.



Scuba diving is another great adventure for you if you want to explore life underwater. Scuba diving is less dangerous than cave diving, and is an exciting adventure. Maui, Oahu, and Honolulu are some of the best sites for your scuba diving adventure. There is a chance of swimming with sharks too in some of the areas. It is not very heavy on the pocket, considering the fact that it leaves you with a beautiful, breathtaking feeling.


Cliff diving or cliff jumping is a self-explanatory name. This involves jumping off of high points into the seawater. Some of the jumps are over 80 ft, one of them aptly named the Leap of faith. Cliff diving is one of the most popular adventures in Hawaii, and there are many registered sites all across the state. Proper equipment and supervision is required to make the jump as risk-free as possible. You can choose from the many locations including Waimea bay, Ka Lae, the China Wall to make the free fall.

Hawaii is perfect for having an adventure on land or underwater. The many natural phenomena there make it suitable for all of these activities. These, along with the natural beauty of the islands, make it a perfect spot for a vacation or getaway. The islands are sure to awaken the adventurous spirit inside you. Be sure not to miss out on any of the adventure if you ever visit the place.

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