Car Rental: Making it a bit easier

One of the worst moments in travel, for me, is getting there, getting off the plane, getting the bags, and then waiting forEVER at the car rental counter.

I usually rent from Hertz, unless the price difference after my discount is big, and the main reason is Gold service that lets me bypass the counter, get in the car and go. Other companies have similar 'membership' arrangements.

But I just found that it's worth checking around if you're renting from not-your-regular company; things are looking better. On tomorrow's trip, our rental is from Alamo through Priceline.

It used to be that coming with a Priceline voucher made you a second-class citizen at many of the companies...but this time, when I went online to check the pickup instructions, I discovered that I could not only check in online, but I could also print a skip-the-counter ticket that will let us go straight from baggage claim to the car.

So...check ahead on rentals and see what you can do! And by the way...check your discounts. The one Hertz gives through my USAA insurance is WAY better than the one they give through AAA.

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